Cocktail rings: Pretty stand-alone jewelry pieces

As women age, they tend to dress differently than they did five to ten years ago. Their tastes change too, and most do not notice it. Binging on TV series and reading books on a Friday night replace partying all night with friends. They talk about more mature topics and are better with handling themselves in various situations. What probably didn’t change is the way they accessorize.

Most women wear fashion rings to accessorize their look. Wearing rings is an excellent way to top off a style, especially if these are eye-catching cocktail rings. As opposed to dainty rings, a cocktail ring is a great stand-alone jewelry piece on your finger, no need for layering.

Cocktail rings come in many different designs, shapes, and colors. They aren’t just for fancy evenings; they’re great to wear with casual day clothes too. Because we love recommending products to our customers, here are some pieces we’d like you to try.

Aqua Blue Oval Crystal Cocktail Ring

Aqua Blue Oval Crystal Cocktail Fashion Ring

The aqua blue stone reminds us of the sea and sky, bringing us back to happy summer memories worth remembering. Perfect on your ring finger, this cocktail ring is perfect for flowy floral dresses, adding a more feminine touch to your whole look.

Faux Pearl Luxe Cocktail Ring

Faux Pearl Luxe Cocktail Ring

Pearls will always be a classic favorite. Although this stone is associated with sophistication and formal wear, these gems are perfect for everyday wear too. Wear it with your shirt and jeans. Wear it with your brightly-colored bodycon dress. The stunning large pearl will stand out and will complement your look.

Long Oval Sea Blue Light Black Stainless Steel Cocktail Ring

Long Oval Sea Blue Light Black Stainless Steel Cocktail Fashion Ring

The oval shape of this cocktail ring gives out a vintage vibe. Perfect for the bohemian ladies and those who still live in the memories of the summer of ’69. This ring gives the wearer a touch of glam and subtle sexiness.

Topaz Yellow Marquise Triplet Gold Cocktail Ring

Topaz Yellow Marquise Triplet Gold Cocktail Fashion Rings

Yellow can brighten up anything. It gives out a sunny, cheerful vibe and reminds of lovely sunflowers and sandy beaches. Wear this gold-plated ring with three yellow marquise-cut stones whenever you’re feeling gloomy.

Black Pear Stone Vintage Inspired Cocktail Ring

Black Pear Stone Vintage Inspired Cocktail Fashion Rings

Another cocktail ring with a vintage vibe, this black pear-shaped stone ring is perfect for when you’re feeling like a rebel. Rebel in the fashion sense; think punk rock era. Although it’s perfect for casual wear, this ring looks great with your dressy clothes too.

Want to see more designs? Check out our cocktail rings in the shop and dare to make a bold fashion statement!

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