Embrace Brights: How to Wear Bright Colors

How To Wear Bright Colors

Wearing bright and vibrant colors can be an incredible challenge for women everywhere, there is a science to wearing a bright colors and it has to be done correctly or else it can look too over the top. So fear not! We have some advice on how to correctly incorporate bright colors into your look!

  1. Pair with Neutral Colors

A great way to embrace bright colors into your style choices is to wear with some neutral colors such as brown, tan, gray, and ivory. Neutrals are a great choice to pair with bright and bold colors because it provides some balance. No woman really wants to walk around and stand out for the wrong reasons, so balance those bright colors out!

  1. Wear Darker Shades with a Pop of Color

Another way that provides a balance to bright colors is to pair with darker shades of the color spectrum. Pairing with darker colors also make the brighter shades pop in a tasteful manner that exudes sophistication when it is done correctly. This also is very suitable for evening looks since if looks more put together that is perfect for a night out.

  1. Wear Bright Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry is an incredibly simple way to incorporate some brighter shades into your daily look. You can use existing items that are currently in your closet and take the opportunity to find some gorgeous bright fashion jewelry items that will make those basic items pop.

  1. Try Fashion Accessories

Handbag and a pair of shoes is another beautiful way to incorporate those bolder shades. The best thing about this is that it makes basic pieces look beautiful with very little effort, it also makes any look more dressed up without the need to purchase anything extravagant.

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