Grammys 2017: Golden Beyonce

Queen Bey and her golden outfit inspired us to highlight our gold jewelry

Beyonce once again wowed everyone, including fellow artists at last week’s 59th Grammy Awards. She performed a stunning medley of “Love Drought” and “Sandcastles,” along with some beautiful pieces of visuals that sent the audience into awe. Queen Bey, as we all know, is pregnant with twins, and she proudly showed her baby bump during her performance. She wore a gold goddess-inspired, form-fitting sequin gown, and a Virgin Mary-inspired headdress. They see her as a god; she turned herself into one.

Wear gold fashion rings and other jewelry pieces for Eternal Sparkles

Source: | @beyslaysyourlife

Aside from her gorgeous golden dress and headpiece, what caught our eyes are the tons of golden jewelry she was wearing. The pieces made her look even more sophisticatedly regal. To honor Queen Bey’s flawless look at the Grammys, here are some of our gold jewelry that the Queen herself would be delighted to wear.

Gold fashion rings

Eternal Sparkles Gold Fashion Rings

Here are three fashion rings we think are fit for a queen. The Gold Wrap Ring is one of our statement rings perfect for anyone who wants bold, eye-catching styles. Even if it has no stones, it boasts a puzzle piece style which makes a beautiful geometric design minimalists would love.The Gold Cosmic Ring, on the other hand, is a modern minimalist piece perfect for those who love eccentric styles. Clear cubic zirconia stones adorn this piece for added sparkle. Lastly, the Royalty Ring exudes such regal beauty that anyone who would wear it would feel like Queen Bey herself. It has a golden crown design and studded with gorgeous clear cubic zirconia stones.

Gold earrings

Eternal Sparkles Gold Earrings

What better way to draw attention to a beautiful face than equally beautiful pairs of earrings? Get yourself the Ornate Filigree Gold Chandelier Earrings and the Gold Spiral CZ & Gold Formal Earrings. Both pairs are perfect for events such as the Grammys, or any evening parties that requires you to wear a gorgeous gown. The Ornate Filigree Gold Chandelier Earrings are a perfect match to the little black dress because of the precious black stones and details. The other pair,  Gold Spiral CZ & Gold Formal Earrings, is an excellent match to the little black dress too but is more versatile because of its clear cubic zirconia stone details. Nevertheless, both are capable of accentuating your facial features and make you look more regal.

Gold necklaces

Eternal Sparkles Gold Necklaces

Adorn that chest with these golden neck ornaments. The Gold Swarovski Triple Loop Pendant Necklace and Gold Teardrop Necklace are perfect for any woman of any age. The Gold Swarovski Triple Loop Pendant Necklace is a perfect piece for Queen Bey; as the three loops may also signify the three stages of a woman life. Beyonce honed in the themes of motherhood and feminism in last week’s performance, and this pendant is an accessory that screams, women empowerment! The Gold Swarovski Triple Loop Pendant Necklace is also as gorgeous as the first one but is more on the minimalist side. Shaped like a teardrop or an egg, this pendant necklace boasts a bottom layer of brilliant clear cubic zirconia stones.

Beyonce has always rocked gold jewelry and we all sure can too. Treat yourself to these gorgeous pieces, you deserve it. 

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