How to Complement Your Hairstyle With The Right Earrings

Here’s a guide on what type of earrings to wear with your current hairdo.


How to Complement Your Hairstyle With The Right Earrings

The earrings your wear bring attention to your face and so does your hairstyle. So if these two complement each other, just imagine how many heads you’re going to turn when you go strut your stuff. Doing so will also level up your confidence as well as upgrade your entire look. If you need some advice on how to do this, well you’re in luck! Here are some tips on how to complement your earrings with your hairstyle.

For half-up half-down styles

Eternal Sparkles Heart Earrings

Heart Earrings


If you’re lucky to have long, gorgeous waves that look perfect in a half-up half-down hairstyle, there is no need to take the spotlight away from them. Stud earrings are the ideal type to wear if you want to sport this sexy hairdo. Minimalist earrings that match your minimalist fashion rings are perfect. Avoid wearing big statement pairs as they will tend to compete with your hair, and you’ll end up overdoing the whole look.

For updos

Eternal Sparkles Alanas Clear Swarovski Elements Party Earrings

Alana’s Clear Swarovski Elements Party Earrings


Updos, as we all know, is the hairstyle all women have during the summer when our napes have to be out there in the open. Updos include buns, top knots, and high ponytails. And since there is not much hair in sight and therefore nothing to frame your face, the perfect type of earrings to wear is the statement kind. These include drop earrings, chandeliers, and hoops. These pieces will draw attention to your facial features as well as give the illusion of an elongated face.

For pixie cuts and bobs

Eternal Sparkles Rose Gold Plated CZ Drop Earrings

Rose Gold Plated CZ Drop Earrings


Some women totally rock pixie cuts and still manage to look feminine. As with updos, the ideal type of earrings are the statement drop earrings, chandeliers, and hoops. These will add a bit more flair to a rather boyish cut and also will draw eyes towards your facial features. Stud earrings work too, as long as they are big and striking enough and your hair isn’t covering your ear lobes. Otherwise, the earrings won’t be able to do their job of framing your face. Another tip for short hair cuts is to wear earrings with colors that complement your hair color.

For braids and pigtails

Eternal Sparkles V Drop Earrings

V Drop Earrings


Whether it’s a side braid, two braids or cute pig tails, hoop earrings are the ideal pair to wear. Simple chandeliers or the non-statement ones look gorgeous with these hairstyles too, as well as minimalist drop earrings. Since these hairstyles are more on the casual side, cuff earrings and gemstone earrings look as perfect to wear as well.

Whatever type of hairstyle and earrings you wear, always complete your look with other pieces too, like fashion rings, necklaces, and bracelets. And if you like to get ideas on jewelry pieces that will look good on you, check out the shop for a wide array of gorgeous fashion jewelry!

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