How to Style Minimalist Bracelets

Have fun with these thin bands and let your personality seep through!

Aside from stacking up minimalist fashion rings, another piece that can totally upgrade your look is bracelets. Not all are comfortable with wearing these wrist ornaments and prefer wearing watches, but we are here to change that. Wearing bracelets, especially the thin ones, can be fun too and are quite comfortable to wear. And without further ado, here are four ways on how you can wear minimalist bracelets to upgrade your look all-year-round.

Keeping it single. 

Eternal Sparkles Eternity Cuff Bracelet

Not used to wearing a bracelet? Keep it simple; wear one thin band. A minimalist bracelet looks gorgeous on the wrist a stand alone piece, especially if you’re wearing something dark. The bracelet will be that pop of color in your look. You can also wear a ring or two on the same hand to match the bracelet and to add a bit more sparkle.

Layering them up.

Eternal Sparkles Eternity Bracelets

Start simple by layering two or more minimalist bracelets. As you get used to it, you can gradually add more to your liking. Of course, the number bracelets you’re going to wear will depend on the look you are going for. Three or more bracelets are great when you’re partying all night; the more, the better! If you’re attending a formal event, two to three minimalist pieces will do. If you’re running errands but want to still look stylish, two bracelets are perfect.

Play with colors.

Eternal Sparkles Bracelets and Fashion Rings

Don’t just stick to silver tone, add rose gold tone and yellow gold tone to the stack! You can get inspiration from a tricolor set from Eternal Sparkles if you are hesitant to experiment with other colors. Another way to style a stack is to mix lead-free alloy bracelets with pieces made of other metals or materials.

Mix them with statement pieces.

Eternal Sparkles Bracelets

If you’re feeling a bit more feminine, add statement pieces to the stack. You can add rhinestone adorned bands just like in the photo, or simple solid-colored cuff bracelets. You can also experiment with different types of pieces such as a friendship bracelet made of yarn for a youthful feel, or even wide leather cuff bracelets to add a dash of masculinity to the stack. Again, it all depends on your personality and the look you are going for.

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