Minimalist Fashion Ring Buying Guide

Choose the perfect minimalist ring for you

The stackable ring trend has taken the fashion world by storm. There are so many dainty ring designs a woman can choose from, making it harder for her to decide on what to buy. This week, allow us to help you with the shopping, so you get your hands on the perfect minimalist ring for you.

When it comes to choosing minimalist fashion rings, there are two options to consider — color and design. The color of the ring should complement your skin tone, and the design should match your personality. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a litany of “what ifs” if you follow you impulse buying evil twin rather done carefully considering these options.


There are two types of skin tones — cool and warm. To determine what tone your skin is, all you have to do is check the color of the veins on the inside of your wrists. If the veins look blue, you are cool-skinned, if they’re greenish, you’re warm-skinned. Another way to find what your skin tone is by checking your skin after a day out in the sun. You have cool undertones if your skin burns and turns pink whereas your skin will turn into golden-brown if you have warm undertones.

Now that you have determined your skin tone, it’s time to choose the ring color. Cool-skinned women look brighter with stainless or silver-colored rings, while warm-skinned women look gorgeous in yellow gold and brown rings. And good news for the ladies who have a skin tone that changes seasonally; rose gold looks perfect on both skin tones!

For cool skin tones

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For warm skin tones

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For both skin tones

 Shop for minimalist fashion rings at


There are two types of women — one that likes sparkly jewelry, and one that prefers plain jewelry. Women who love sparkly jewelry tend to be the outgoing type who are not afraid to make bold fashion choices. Women who are happy with the plain designs are the laid back women who prefer to Netflix and chill on Friday nights. Good thing minimalist rings come in both types too. However, do not limit your ring choices based on your personality. Sometimes, it’s great to experiment with various ring designs to achieve a fun feminine vibe.

For the outgoing type

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For the laid back ladies

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Follow the minimalist trend and stand out with gorgeous dainty rings. See more of our collection at the online shop!

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