Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2015

As mother’s day is closely approaching, everyone is scattering around trying to figure out what to get their mother. Well the one thing that every mother loves is jewelry, so why not gift her some new jewels that she will definitely love? Here are some suggestions that will make for a memorable gift.

1. Elegant Pearl Cocktail Rings

What mom doesn’t love getting some new pearls? Every mom loves does, and you can make your mother swoon over this unique black pearl cocktail ring that is a guaranteed statement maker whenever it is worn.

Elegant Black Pearl Cocktail Ring

Elegant Black Pearl Cocktail Ring


2. Drop Earrings

Some glamorous drop earrings can definitely take any mother’s breath away when they see they are receiving these as a gift. The Swarovski Elements and the spherical design make these an excellent gift since it can be a fashion jewelry forward piece that any mother can incorporate to her daily style and look beautiful.

Swarovski Elements Drop Earrings

Swarovski Elements Drop Earrings


3. Cross Necklaces

This is a symbolic and thoughtful gift for mothers who are dedicated to their faith and that she can wear on a daily basis to display it proudly. Although this is a nod to her religious faith, something like this can be worn on a daily basis which any mom is love and appreciate.

Intricate Stainless Steel Chain Cross Pendant

Intricate Stainless Steel Chain Cross Pendant


4. Beautiful Swarovski Elements Bracelet

Every mother deserves a gift that absolutely sparkles, and a bracelet composed of Swarovski Elements does just that. This bracelet can be worn with both casual and formal looks that any mother will love and will make her feel glamorous every time she wears this piece.

Swarovski Butterfly Tennis Bracelet

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