Must-Have Gold Fashion Rings for January

Choose from these picks to add to your fashion jewelry collection.

Eternal Sparkles Gold Fashion Rings

New year, new me! If that is your mantra, then one way to reinvent yourself is to treat yourself to new fashion rings. We picked gold ones which we think are perfect for the new year. Wear gold to attract positivity and sunshine — here are five lovely rings worth adding to your collection!

14k Gold Plated Band Ring

Eternal Sparkles 14k Gold-Plated Band Ring

Perfect for ladies who love statement pieces, this 14k Gold Plated Band Ring is a good pick. The piece with gorgeous details is made of lead-free alloy plated in 14k gold. It is studded with sparkly clear CZ stones for added brilliance.

Gold Cross Ring

Eternal Sparkles Gold Cross Ring

Unlike the other cross rings, the Gold Cross Ring features a more unique design. The piece gives an illusion of two thin bands connected by the CZ crystal-adorned cross. This lead-free alloy ring is perfect for the ladies who are in touch with their spirituality.

Gold X Ring

Eternal Sparkles Gold X Ring

The Gold X Ring exudes such chic and feminine vibes, it is perfect to top off a girly outfit. It features a large X design which is adorned with brilliant round clear Cubic Zirconia stones. The ring is made of gold-plated lead-free alloy and has a carat weight of 0.37.

Gold Ripple Ring

Eternal Sparkles Gold Ripple Ring

If you want a piece with an unconventional design, the Gold Ripple Ring is the piece for you. It boasts a unique ripple style on top of the band and a Cubic Zirconia stone pave design. Because it has a non-traditional shape, it cannot be worn with other rings to create a layered effect. Nonetheless, it looks gorgeous when worn solo.

Gold Arrow Wrap Ring

Eternal Sparkles Gold Arrow Wrap Ring

Last, but not least, is the Gold Arrow Wrap Ring. Like the Ripple Ring, this one has quite a unique design as well. The piece has a cuff style and on each end is an arrowhead. One is bigger than the other adding an eccentric vibe to this fashion ring. This piece is made of stainless steel and gold-plated to perfection.

Which one is your favorite? If you want to see more gold fashion rings, head on to!


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