Must-Have Necklaces for Sweater Weather

Accessorize with these lovely necklaces this Fall.

Must-Have Necklaces for Sweater Weather

One thing we like about Fall is that we get to wear comfy, stylish sweaters and jackets! Whether it’s a fit turtleneck or an oversized off-the-shoulder one, you can never go wrong with a necklace to accessorize it. It’s a piece that can instantly level up a solid-colored sweater. That is why for this week, we picked out five pieces from our collection that are definitely must-haves for pumpkin season.

Glass Beaded Tassel Pendant Statement Necklace

Eternal Sparkles Glass Beaded Tassel Pendant Statement Necklace

This piece is perfect for any light-colored sweater. It comes with a black glass beaded tassel and a gray cord necklace. The lovely tassel pendant is 6.5 inches long while the cord is about 26 inches long with a three-inch extension. This statement necklace is a day-to-night piece that complements your minimalist fashion rings and stud earrings. This piece is for $12.

Triple Stand Pearl Daisy Necklace

Eternal Sparkles Triple Strand Pearl Daisy Necklace

For you ladies who love anything floral, this daisy necklace will surely delight you. It has three strands, giving an-catching layered necklace effect. You get a necklace with a teardrop pendant, a shorter one with pearl and gold beads, and another necklace with the lovely golden daisy pendant. It is perfect for any occasion, whether it be casual or dressy, Plus, it stands out when worn with dark-colored tops. You can get this necklace for only $17.

Triple Stand Multi Heart and Crystal Necklace

Eternal Sparkles Triple Strand Multi Heart and Crystal Necklace

This minimalist layered necklace is one that ladies who are into the frills-free style will love. It features three strands of different lengths. The longest one has the crystal pendant, the middle one has a small heart pendant, and the shortest one has two smaller heart pendants. Although this piece is something that is perfect to wear with your Spring outfits, it looks equally gorgeous with a sweater. Its length is 14 inches and has a three-inch extension. You can get this minimalist beauty for only $15.

Double Strand Pearl and Gold Bars Necklace

Eternal Sparkles Double Strand Pearl and Gold Bars Necklace

For sweater with loud patterns and designs, this stunning necklace is the one to wear. It will not clash with your top’s design but instead will complement it. It features two strands, one of which is made of small chic pearls and features elegant gold bar accents. This piece is perfect to match a classic pair of pearl earrings. Its length is 16 inches with a three-inch extension. You can get this ultra-feminine classic piece for only $21

Beautiful Butterfly Heart Necklace

Eternal Sparkles Beautiful Butterfly Heart Necklace

Last, but not least, is this lovely minimalist pendant necklace. It features a heart pendant in the shape of butterfly wings. It is made of white gold and studded with clear cubic zirconia crystals. The chain it comes with is thin, so it’s very comfortable to wear. It’s another day-to-night piece which you can wear with basically any type of outfit. You can get this Korean-made stunning necklace for $30.75.

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