Reasons Why Women Should Have a Stud Earrings Collection

Stud earrings should be in every woman’s jewelry collection!

Reasons Why Women Should Have a Stud Earrings Collection

We won’t lie; we love our tassel earrings collection. However, we all know that you can’t wear them all the time. There may be occasions where wearing these beautiful statement earrings will make you out of place. That is why we make sure that we always have pairs of stud earrings ready for any event. And because we are studs fans ourselves, we listed down the things why these pairs needed to be in your collection. Without further ado, here are four reasons why stud earrings are a woman’s absolute jewelry must-have!

They come in either bold or minimalist designs.

Eternal Sparkles Evil Eye Stud Earrings

Evil Eye Stud Earrings

You can pick a pair in a strikingly bold design or you can get a pair in a very simple design. And any fashionista would know that you got to have both of these. Statement studs are perfect for parties and for wearing with dressy outfits. The minimalist pairs are ideal to wear at work, in an interview, or for your everyday wear. Plus, they match any type of fashion rings and other jewelry pieces too!

They are comfortable to wear.

Funky Acrylic Heart Earrings

Funky Acrylic Heart Earrings

Unlike hoops or drop earrings, you wouldn’t worry about them getting caught in something. Wearing studs make you feel free as a bird, without a care in the world! Don’t get us wrong though, those statement earrings are also comfortable to wear. It’s just that stud earrings allow you to move more freely and to dance without the risk of them getting tangled in your hair or someone else’s hair!

They look good with any face shape and hairstyle.

Eternal Sparkles Heart Earrings

Heart Stud Earrings

Another great thing about stud earrings is that they virtually look gorgeous with any face shape. Whether you are a heart or an oblong, you can effortlessly rock a pair of these earrings. Moreover, stud earrings complement any hairstyle as well. See how versatile they are?

They are super affordable.

Eternal Sparkles Jewel Stud Earring Set

The Jewel Stud Earring Set is only for $13.

These fashion earrings are super affordable, unlike their statement counterparts. Of course, the price still depends on the material it’s made of and the design. There might be pairs that are as pricey as the tassels or drop earrings but generally, they have lower prices. Versatility and affordability, what more can you ask for?




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