Top 5 Jewelry Trends for Fall 2015

From the return of the pearl to the embrace of fringe on just about everything, the jewelry trends for Fall 2015 poses new and exciting designs to accessorize your look. See the season’s top 5 fashionable jewelry standouts according to our preference.

5.Baroque-Inspired Jewelry

                                                Baroque-Inspired Jewelry Jewelry Baroque-Inspired

We’ve seen Cara Delevingne strut the runway on Fashion Week with this antique-inspired necklace, and we couldn’t help but fall in love with it. Baroque is definitely in this Fall and “magpies with an eye for ornate embellishment will have their pick of gems and filigree with pieces well-suited for the halls of Versailles” as Harper Bazaar mentioned.

4. The Return of the Pearls

                                                   Pearl Jewelry Pearl Inspired Jewelry

Pearls are timeless. Pearls are incredibly beautiful, and we saw these pearls appear in earrings that drop from the lobes of Isabel Marant and Balenciaga’s models.

3. The Floral Story

                                                    floral jewelry Floral Inspired Jewelry

Floral-designed jewelries are back! And although, it’s way past Spring, these flowers definitely made their way to this season’s Fashion week. Ranging from roses, peonies and camellias, this floral-designed jewelry has found its way to romanticize the 2015 Fall fashion scene. We saw these style adorning the necks and ears of models from Celine, Gucci, Channel and Miu Miu. There’s just something about the femininity of this design that makes it a favorite design among women.

2. Multiple Rings on One Hand

One Hand Multiple Rings

Multi-stack rings couldn’t be hotter nowadays just look at Stella McCartney included multiple rings per finger as she presented her models on the runway.

1. Singles Only!

Single Earring Jewelry

And the no.1 top spot for the trendiest jewelry style for this Fall 2015 goes to the single earring fashion statement. The single earring is letting the world know it needn’t be a set to show how chic it is. We saw it being worn by great models from Christian Dior, Donna Karan and Isabel Marant. Single statement earrings appeared all over the place on the runway shows throughout the different runway shows that took place around the world, in 4 of the biggest metropolitans for fashion.

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